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Snout Features

For safety, knowledge, and fun.

Mushroom Identification

Take a picture and let our Augmented Intelligence system help identify what mushroom you've stumbled upon!

Field Guide

Learn about the various kinds of mushrooms you encounter in the wild!

Mushroom Dangers

Educate yourself on the dangers of mushrooms. We recommend never eating a mushroom until you are 100% sure it's safe.

Offline Mode

Snout works offline, so bring an old phone with this app on it, and leave it off unless you need it to preserve battery.

Snout Technology

Snout utilizes a combination of neural network and human-based decision making to create an Augmented Intelligence framework.

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These thumbnails are sourced from the 2018 FGVCx Fungi Classification Challenge: https://github.com/visipeia/fgvcx_fungi_comp

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Meet the Team

Andrew Larimer
Data Science Engineer
Kathryn Papandrew
Data Science Engineer
Dan Rasband
Dan Rasband
Software Engineer & Data Scientist
Rahul Vaswani
Data Science Engineer